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Develop products on demand and provide mass production solutions.

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Advanced equipment, professional team, in-house factory, strong raw material warehouse.

China on-demand manufacturing of custom metal parts

Mulan MFG provides a series of on demand manufacturing solutions to help you develop and efficiently manufacture custom metal parts and custom sheet metal parts. Focus on more than 50 kinds of metals & plastics: Precision Computer Numerical control  Machining Services (CNC Machining)5-axis computer numerical control (CNC) machining servicessheet metal bendingsheet metal fabrication services、metal stamping3D printing servicesmetal casting services、and other 15 manufacturing processes. and provide surfaces trearment: polishing, wire drawing, anodizing, electroplating, Special surface treatment such as spray paint and matte effect. 

Our expert team has a wealth of custom sheet metal parts and custom metal parts manufacturing knowledge and experience, providing you with complete technical support services, and achieving the most competitive value of products through prototypes and manufacturing solutions.

Delivery of 100% qualified products, punctual, efficient and reliable, is your ideal custom metal parts and custom sheet metal parts manufacturing partner.

custom Metal Parts manufacturing Services

Have the strong processing chain for your rapid prototyping design and custom metal parts manufacturing.

  • Precision CNC Milling & CNC Turning 
  • Delivery on time in 3-7 days.
  • Customized metal & plastic parts
  • Min tolerance ±0.005mm
  • Die Casting&Sand Casting&Lost wax Casting
  • Delivery on time within 20-35 days
  • 100% quality inspection
  • Provide chemical and physical reports
metal rapid prototype services
metal surface treatment services

Metal Finishing Services

custom cnc machining prototype

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Custom metal parts manufacturing and custom sheet metal parts manufacturing services trusted by 8,000 global buyers.

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Custom metal parts & custom sheet metal parts & custom plastic parts to meet all custom parts requirements.

Strict quality control guarantee

Passed ISO9001-2015 certification, All manufacturing links can be traced.

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One-Stop Manufacturing Services

Provide one-stop custom metal parts manufacturing solutions, make your work easier.

One-Stop Custom Metal parts

On-Demand manufacturing
Material solution

The real material report and performance test report will be delivered to the customer together with the product.

CNC machining of plates
CNC machining of bars
CNC machining of pipes
Fastener CNC machining
Square tube CNC machining parts
Extruded profile CNC machining parts

201 | 303 | 304 | 316 | 316L

416 | 420 | 430 | 440c | 301

17-4 | 15-5 | 18-8

6061 | 5052 | 6063 | 7075 | 7050 | 2024

1018 | 4130 | 4140 | A36 | Q235 | Q255

1045 | O1 | A2 | A3 | D2 | S7 | H13

C101 | C260 | C110| C360 | C932

ABS | Polypropylene |  Polypropylene (PP) 30%GF 

Nylon PA6 | Nylon 30%GF | Delrin (POM-H) |  Acetal (POM-C)

PVC | HDPE | UHMWPE | Polycarbonate | PET | PTFE (Teflon)

  • Investment Casting
  • Lost Wax Casting
  • Die Casting
  • Sand Casting


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“It’s really a wonderful experience of cooperation. As an independent designer, Mulan helped me complete all the technical issues. I just provided my ideas. The product was put into the market quickly. It was really fast. I had more time to create Make art.”
Stewart Lewis
“Also I would like to say the bell housing looks perfect.
I will make the final payment on this batch of bell housings on Monday coming .This is a very satisfying cooperation.”
New Zealand
“Excellent custom metal parts manufacturing, taking all the questions I raised very seriously, and the inspection report is very detailed. Very safe packaging, no damage, thank you very much to the mulan mfg team..”
Matthew Lee
“I put forward a very strict delivery time, they did it, and I am very satisfied with the quality, I feel very relaxed to complete a project, this is really difficult work.”
Ryan Brant

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  • CNC Machining
  • CNC milling
  • CNC Turning
  • Die Casting
  • Investment Casting
  • Metal Casting
  • Metal Deep Drawing
  • Metal Stamping
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Sand Casting
  • Sheet Metal Bending
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
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The word 'Metal Fabrication' encompasses the whole course of building machine parts and underlying parts from crude metal materials. This implies that everything from cutting and molding to final assembly falls under the umbrella of metal creation. The different types of custom metal parts manufacturing are liable for projects as small as possible scale up to the entire pieces of equipment and machinery.

Sheet metal is metal produced by industrial processes to the levelled pieces. It can be made from a variety of metal materials including aluminum, steel, copper, metal, nickel, tin, real silver and titanium. It is one of the major structures utilized in metalworking, and different custom sheet metal parts tend to be cut and bowed into an assortment of shapes. 

Thicknesses can fluctuate essentially - very slight sheets are considered foil or leaf, and pieces thicker than 1/4 inches are considered plate steel or "underlying steel". custom sheet metal parts are accessible in level pieces or coiled strips. The coils are framed by running a sheet of metal through a roll-slitter.

This danger of inconstancy that accompanies numerous providers can include: Multiple fabrication stops, longer lead-times, a more supply chain, higher delivery costs and so on.

With rising material expenses and elevated affectability to cost builds, there is no space for squander in the metal manufacture inventory network. Working with one-stop custom metal parts manufacturing gives savings from various aspects, including managing a solitary stock source, lead time, utilizing bought things, pressing, quality, engineering assistance and transit.

Better Engineering Design 

One-stop custom metal parts manufacturing can offer for extra fabrication, completing, or gathering activities under one roof to provide value at a competitive price. From model advancement through production run, the value added from One-stop custom metal parts manufacturing works on the manufacturability and consistency of a section through engineering. We continually survey project performance to leverage best practices to advance task delivery from model improvement through production run. 

Better Quality Control 

One more fundamental benefit of working with One-stop custom metal parts manufacturing is the rearrangements of the quality control measure from evaluating to observing. The trusted Mulan MFG takes into consideration more prominent perceivability and responsiveness to address your issues. This can be particularly critical in times of high quality demand or when part plans should be changed. 

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