China Mulan Manufacturing Group

About Mulan Manufacturing Group

Mulan MFG is a manufacturer of customized metal parts with leading technology in the Chinese industry. It has passed ISO9001-2015 quality certification and relies on ISO standards to formulate detailed quality operation procedures, which better proves that we can achieve high-quality products and perfect sales services. Always maintain the quality level expected by customers to achieve the goal of making products more competitive.

Focusing on on-demand manufacturing services for metal parts for 18 years, the sales network covers 58 cities and countries around the world, maintaining an annual growth rate of 25%.

Experts in metal Parts customized Solutions

We have an experienced manufacturing team. Through 18 years of experience in custom metal parts, we can face the strict quality requirements and special product development needs of various industries. Our experts will connect with you on the project details at any time and will Your job saves you purchase time and error costs.

From product design, development, assembly and testing to product mass production, one-stop service will show that we are the most ideal metal parts manufacturing solution expert around you. Our opinions can play a very important role for you.

No matter which industry you are in, we will use perfect manufacturing technology to make you more competitive in the OEM market or sales market. We use our strong manufacturing advantages to provide the highest quality services and high-quality products for the aerospace, automobile manufacturing, medical technology, new energy, construction industry, household hardware, agricultural machinery, traditional industries, and unmanned robots.

Custom Metal Parts Manufacturing

With the integration of multiple process technologies such as precision cnc machining, sheet metal fabrication services, and precision metal casting services, Mulan MFG realizes a truly one-stop customized manufacturing service.

And provide a real factory manufacturing quotation, this is our ability and advantage, and create more lucrative benefits for you. Isn’t this what you want?

To achieve the traceability of high-quality products.

Internal material warehouse
Quality Inspection
Product Packaging

We have an excellent internal material warehouse, with more than 48 material catalogs for you to choose from. It only takes 15 minutes from the warehouse to the processing line. And, along with the product delivery, we will provide an authoritative material inspection report.

Advanced processing lines are divided into: cnc machining factory, sheet metal fabrication factroy, finish services factory. The use of advanced equipment, stable operation, reliable quality, clean and environmentally friendly.

From material to finished product delivery, every environment is under our control. Our quality management monitoring work can trace the process of each product from material to finished product, and solve the risk caused by non-conforming products for you.

Worldwide sales network

Mulan MFG provides 24Hours * 7Days online technical support services, providing professional English barrier-free communication for all regions of the world.

*  Support the quality standards of many countries.