Industry Solutions

customized component solutions for various industries.

In the rapid development of many industries, more and more industry standards and product requirements have brought us challenges.

Focusing on industry parts customization services for more than 18 years, we face the needs of customized parts in various industries and optimize production line equipment and technology.

Mulan MFG has passed ISO 9001 quality system certification, with excellent manufacturing technology and complete customization resources, providing high-quality parts customization services for more than 2000 companies in various industries around the world. Including: rapid prototyping, cnc machining services, sheet metal fabrication services, metal casting services and more than 20 other manufacturing processes.

Complete component design, development, and manufacturing are our strengths. According to your local manufacturing standards to deliver qualified products, one-stop customized manufacturing services can help you save 80% of your working time. Tell us your ideas and designs , A strong technical team will help you complete all the work.


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Electronic & Consumer

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Support for designers and entrepreneurs

Mulan MFG established the Talented Designer Fund to provide a 15% funding support plan for global industry designers and entrepreneurs to better contribute to the development of the industry.
When the product is approved, you will get our financial help and even support for the expansion of the Chinese sales market.

More than 120 designers and artists have benefited here.

Carbon Steel

custom low carbon steel parts-what is low carbon steel?

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Die Casting

Metal stamping & metal forging & metal die casting, who is more suitable for custom automotive metal parts?

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