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On-Demand Aerospace metal parts

High-quality aerospace parts represent the manufacturing technology level in the industry, and the production of reliable aerospace parts requires advanced equipment and strict industry quality standards.

At Mulan MFG, through strict quality monitoring in the actual manufacturing process, to ensure the manufacturing precision and accuracy of the product, and to meet the structural strength and specification performance of the product design. We have participated in more than 40 development tasks for aerospace and UAV products to help customers use high-performance materials more accurately to create complex-shaped metal parts.

Why choose mulan MFG developmentaerospace Parts

Strong manufacturing network

Design, rapid prototyping, precision molds, low-volume manufacturing, mass production, we are a manufacturer with a complete product supply chain, and provide highly efficient one-stop manufacturing services.

Instant online factory quotation

Internal material library, high efficiency, reducing errors, we provide the most competitive quotation, and will not cut corners.

ISO 9001-2015 quality certification

Strictly implement ISO9001-2015 quality standards to help us provide product manufacturing and technical support services to your satisfaction.

Deliver rapid prototypes on time

We can deliver rapid prototyping products and mass production of products on time within the agreed time. We have been doing this for the past 15 years.

Precision CNC Machining Services

Precision CNC machining is the most widely used processing technology in the aviation industry. It can quickly reach very high-demand metal and plastic parts, and advanced CNC machining equipment can provide machining accuracy of more than ±0.005mm, using a lot of metal and engineering plastics material.

sheet metal fabrication Services

Sheet metal fabrication services are widely used in the manufacture of equipment shells and brackets in the aviation industry. General aviation parts use ultra-thin sheets for stretching and bending. The design of reinforcing ribs and lightening grooves can meet the needs of aviation Application of parts.

Metal Die Casting Services

Non-ferrous metal die casting is widely used in the aerospace field because of its light weight and complex shape. It can manufacture complex alloy parts according to requirements, and can achieve any strength and surface requirements, and follow the international aerospace industry standard.