Custom Electronic equipment parts
On-Demand Manufacturing Solution

Custom electronic parts Manufacturing Solution

Focusing on user design is the most important feature of electronic products to the market. The market value of electronic products is through advanced functions and excellent user experience. High-efficiency development and clever design can make products quickly occupy the sales market.

A strong manufacturing supply chain and professional design team can speed up the design cycle and reduce manufacturing costs, combining different manufacturing processes to meet diverse customer needs.

Mulan MFG participates in the development and design of many electronic products around the world with efficient manufacturing operations. Relying on the perfect cooperation of the team and equipment, it can provide customized rapid prototyping solutions for electronic accessories in multiple professional fields.

We have served diversified customer groups, involving: commercial, consumer products, home appliances, professional instruments, industrial equipment, and digital electronic products, etc., high-precision product development work.

Contact Mulan MFG to help you quickly use better electronic products to enter the market and be widely used.

Why choose Mulan-MFG
to develop
electronic Rapid prototypes

Mulan MFG focuses on the design and development of electronic parts and functional manufacturing, improving the market value of product design itself, high-quality rapid prototyping and small batch production, effectively helping product designers and developers, repairing product design defects and reducing production cost.
It has the ability to process 60+ kinds of plastic and metal materials and perfect surface treatment, and optimize products through product testing: compatibility, functionality, corrosion resistance, chemical properties, mechanical properties, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and various quality standards.

Precision CNC Machining Services

A variety of CNC processing equipment can quickly engrave precision parts made of metal and plastic materials. The high processing efficiency and high precision are the reasons why they are widely used.
We provide precision CNC Machining services for more than 60 metal and plastic materials to manufacture housings and precision electronic parts.

Plastic Injection Molding Services

10-1000 tons of different injection molding capacity, can meet all the needs of electronic parts purchasers, as well as electronic product design in multiple fields, and can produce up to 10KG/piece of large precision injection molded parts.
Precision injection molds are our most focused products. We use high-quality materials such as P20, NAK80, H13, S136, etc., to manufacture high-quality injection molds with a life of more than 1.000.000 pieces, as well as a series of maintenance and maintenance services.

Die Casting Services

One of the best manufacturing processes for manufacturing precision alloy products, with high efficiency, stable quality and low cost, is widely used in key components such as radiator shells and transformers of electronic products.
We have a die-casting capacity of 160-1000 tons, and have great manufacturing advantages for corrosion-resistant alloy products such as aluminum alloy & zinc alloy & magnesium alloy.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

It is usually used to manufacture parts such as electronic equipment housings and brackets, and rapid prototype manufacturing, with high efficiency and low cost.
After the product passes the inspection, it is quickly transformed into a production line that can be manufactured in large quantities.
Mulan MFG has manufactured many electronic equipment housings and equipment supports, and has won praises from many customers for its high-quality products.

Powerful material library

Mulan MFG is honored to provide you with a complete electronic product on-demand manufacturing solution (DFM), and provide rapid prototyping, technical support and reasonable quotation. At Mulan MFG, we do not set a minimum order quantity to help you more quickly Develop products and optimize your product design in time.

Rapid Prototyping

Quickly verify the rationality of the product structure design and materials through CNC Machining and 3D printing.

Complete Supply Chain

Combine all the advantages of the manufacturing supply chain to provide the most complete production line and one-stop manufacturing service for product manufacturing.

Quality Testing Laboratory

Industrial-grade CMM testing, chemical and physical experiments and other testing equipment, testing materials, measuring dimensions, testing performance, etc.

Quality Testing Laboratory

Industrial-grade CMM testing, chemical and physical experiments and other testing equipment, testing materials, measuring dimensions, testing performance, etc.

Stable Mass Production

High-efficiency mass-manufacturing assembly lines can quickly process mass-customized parts orders and deliver them on time.