Rapid Prototyping Services

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Metal Rapid Prototyping Services

The processing of  high-quality rapid prototyping parts depends on cutting edge accuracy handling gear and rich experience. Mulan MFG is known as a trusted metal prototype company 

As we have focused on the supply of precision metal prototyping services for almost two decades, and have been produced in high-demand projects, for example, vehicle fabricating, clinical gear, aviation, everyday necessities, drones, and industrial accessories.

Metal and plastic have good machining performance. In rapid prototyping services and metal prototyping services, processing can be quickly met. Relying on the sophisticated 5-Axis CNC machining center, prototype products with very complex shapes can be produced.

We are good at turning customers’ product designs into reality, can quickly confirm a good inspiration, allow designers to complete artistic designs more easily, and help great products quickly seize market opportunities.

Using a 5-axis CNC machine gives administrators approaching a section from all headings access to a single operation, disposing of the need to manually  reposition the workpiece between tasks. 5-axis CNC machining saves time and is great for making perplexing and precise parts like those found in the clinical, oil and gas, and aviation enterprises. There are a couple of various types of 5-axis machines that item groups ought to know about, including ordered 5-axis CNC machines, metal prototyping services and rapid prototyping services.

if a metal prototype company needs to produce a bigger part or one with complex geometry, you’ll presumably need 5-axis machining. Using 5-axis machines allows you to machine the workpiece from all sides — no manual power input required. With 5-axis machining, the metal prototype company will let you in turn receive better returns, great accuracy, and time and  opportunity for expansion of the business, just as the capacity to manufacture bigger parts faster.

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3D Printing Services

  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D Printing Service
  • HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 3D Printing Service
  • Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D Printing Service
  • Stereolithography (SLA) 3D Printing Service
  • Polyjet 3D Printing Service
  • Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) 3D metal prototyping Services

Industry-leading industrial-grade 3D printing services, Mulan MFG provides a variety of rapid processing processes for faster and lower cost processing of metal prototyping services & plastic 3D printing rapid and metal prototyping services, serving: car modification, children’s toys, medical equipment, drone accessories, artwork, etc.

​​Metal prototyping services actually alludes to a process of iterating through a design by rapidly processing models and rolling out little changes  at each step to further develop it The metal prototyping services of Mulan MFG’s enhances the design step by speeding iterations through item testing. Rapid metal prototyping with 3D printing services enables manufacturers to produce fast, produce a variety of design iterations fast, and change an item overnight to meet the deadlines.

Quick prototyping is one of the most well-known applications for 3D printing of a metal prototype company, which offers a great deal of flexibility in terms of speed and material determination. 3D printing permits the assembling of low-to-medium performance objects for a minimal price, so it always being recommended by the metal prototype company. 3D printing services can be exceptionally helpful for prototyping in jewelry design, design, or engineering to make mechanical parts, cases, building models, props, and functional consum items.

Cnc machining is the most ideal method for providing metal prototyping services. You can start the project within one hour and get the perfect surface effect to check the rationality of your design and functional testing.

We have 21 precision CNC machining centers, and cooperate with high-precision CNC lathes and CNC milling machines to meet the CNC machining requirements of rapid prototyping for all customers.

The advantages of CNC machines in contrast with traditional machining methods are numerous; these machines utilize more elevated levels of computerization and diminish potential mistakes while improving productivity and cost-effectiveness under our metal prototyping services in all cases.

CNC machines more than make up for their initial expenses with a high pace of yield and lower number of mistakes in resulting parts. The Metal prototype company also requires less training to work a CNC machine and can figure out how to use the machine in a virtual environment, eliminating the requirement for preparing workpieces. As these machines become more popular, the cost of metal prototyping services will keep on dropping.

  • Aluminum alloy
  • brass
  • copper
  • High-carbon steel
  • alloy steel
  • Die steel
  • Nickel alloy
  • Low-carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • steel
  • titanium
  • Engineering plastics

Vacuum Casting Services

In Mulan MFG, vacuum casting is the most important processing method to rapid prototyping and metal prototyping services , creating no less than 30 rapid models at most, and using liquid resin for rapid vacuum casting to produce complete rapid prototypes.

We have a strong team of vacuum casting experts, providing complete surface treatment and assembly testing services, and your products can be directly sold in the market.

The Vacuum Casting measure refers to the production under vacuum of plastic or elastic parts from silicone molds, this is a popular processing technology used by the top tier metal prototype company. The casting process occurs under vacuum, which guarantees that air bubbles are eliminated from the cast resin, leading in dense and high-precision parts. At the point when the resin is solid, the shape can be eliminated and reused to make more indistinguishable copies.

Parts created used the vacuum casting process are dimensionally exact, precise reproductions of the master patten with profiles and surface steadfastly reproduced by the metal prototype company

1. Rapid prototype turnover capability.
2. Economical development cost.
3. Solutions for complex structures and large parts.
4. Highly customizable surface treatment
5. Reusable silicone mold
6. Create the perfect surface finish

Application of rapid prototyping services

As the industry’s leading plastic & metal prototype company, we provide a complete rapid prototyping services and provide technical assistance to designers in all industries.

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Plastic Rapid Prototyping services

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What is Rapid Prototyping services?

Rapid prototyping services is a special processing technology, usually used to restore and realize the ideal product design plan, quickly create a 3D design prototype processing method, without the need to invest in huge molds and other production tool costs, fast, low-cost, The high-precision feature is an ideal choice for many designers and customers to verify an important opportunity for products in the sales market.

At Mulan MFG, a more economical rapid prototyping manufacturing process will be selected according to material requirements.

There are many types of rapid prototyping technology, including: 3D printing, 5 Axis-cnc machining, vacuum casting, etc., for products designed with different materials and structures. Mulan MFG has a professional team of engineers, according to the customer’s 3D model file to determine and recommend which process and material the customer is suitable for, providing customers with one-stop precision rapid prototyping solutions.

  • Metal prototyping services are usually 5-axis CNC machining services, sheet metal bending services, Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), etc.
  • Plastic prototpyping services usually include: 5-axis CNC machining services, 3D printing services (SLA/SLS/FDM), vacuum casting services.

As an industry-leading plastic & metal prototype company, Mulan MFG has participated in 500+ rapid prototyping service projects, has prototype manufacturing experience in various industries, and provides prototype supply services to more than 200+ buyers worldwide.

Why choose Rapid Prototyping services?

An excellent plastic & metal prototype company will use its rich manufacturing experience and technology to expand the advantages of rapid prototyping.

  • Responsive prototype processing: start the plastic & metal prototyping services within an hour.
  • Design plan test: Help test the effectiveness of the design and troubleshoot the plan in time.
  • Fight for market opportunities: Quickly test the integration of products in the market and get actual feedback from real users.
  • Competitive price: Mature rapid prototyping processing technology can provide easily acceptable low-cost processing.
  • Optimize product functions and appearance: create different colors, textures, spraying processes and other designs to better meet market needs.
  • Display products: Carry out a comprehensive display design plan for your investors and customers to quickly gain recognition.

How plastic & metal prototype company Works?

Before starting the plastic & metal prototyping services, the establishment of 3D model files is necessary, so that the equipment can better understand the design and structure of the product.

  • 3D Printing is applied to the rapid manufacturing of a single prototype, which can cope with the design of cavity products with very complex structures.
  • Vacuum casting, suitable for 10-500 pieces of low-volume prototype, does not limit the structural design, and has a wide range of materials. The recommended weight is less than 3kg.
  • 5-Axis CNC machining, suitable for prototype manufacturing of steel materials, using cutting tools to perform “subtractive” cutting on the material to obtain the prototype in the design.
  • Sheet metal bending services is one of the processes for rapidly manufacturing metal sheet forming parts, commonly used: boxes, metal cabinets, sheet metal brackets, etc.

Yes, we are a manufacturer with ISO9001-2015 quality standards, advanced equipment and a complete supply chain, and a one-stop service manufacturer focusing on custom metal product processing.

Of course, Mulan MFG has a team of experienced technical experts. In many cases, our customers only have ideas but no reasonable design models. We can survey and design according to customer requirements or existing samples.

Generally, the processing of metal parts will follow the DIN 2768f standard, and the plastic products will follow the 2768m standard.

  • Tolerance Range: ±0.008mm~0.010mm
    Cylindrical Circumference 0.01mm/100mm
  • End Face Flatness 0.02mm/200mm
    Thread Pitch Accuracy 0.06mm/300mm
  • Roughness: Ra0.8
  • International Tolerance Level: IT6-IT8
  • Outer Circle Accuracy 0.005-0.01mm
  • Surface Finish After Grinding Machine Can Reach Ra0.4

Please mark more detailed tolerance standards on the product design plan and technical requirements, which is very important.

1. Review the product design and check whether all size requirements are reasonable and clear.
2. Develop detailed production plan and manufacturing process plan
3. Control the manufacturing links where quality risks may occur.
4. The initial raw materials are inspected and the material report is reviewed.
5. Three dimensional inspections at the initial, mid and final stages to ensure that the products meet quality requirements.
6. Final surface inspection.
7. Packaging inspection.
All quality inspection processes are in line with ISO9001-2015 standards.

1) Western Union for samples cost or very small order
2) 100% T/T in advance when amount less than 1000USD
3) 50% deposit, 50% balance by T/T before shipment when order amount from 3000USD to 5000USD.
4) 30% deposit, 70% balance by T/T before shipment when order amount over 5000USD.
5) L/C payment term for big amount order is acceptable.

30% advance payment to start project production.
If there is a mold, a 50% advance payment of the mold cost is required.
After the product inspection report is passed, 40% and the balance of the mold will be paid.
30% of the balance payment is paid before the product is shipped.

Of course, we have a professional freight forwarding department that can solve all international transportation problems, including sea, air and express.

Yes, we opened the agency cooperation model to many large international trading companies in 2018 to provide the most competitive services for local customized metal parts. Agents can enjoy very preferential discounts and do not need to worry about product quality issues. .environment and use requirements of the product.