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Mulan MFG provides a series of on-demand customized metal & plastic parts manufacturing services solutions, focusing on one-stop customized manufacturing services, which can help you develop effective rapid prototypes and mass customized manufacturing services.

The use of fast and precise cutting on the target material to create a precise CNC machining prototype of the perfect surface, for mass manufacturing, can ensure stable and high quality.

3D printing technology allows rapid prototyping of plastic and metal products, making design a reality.Vacuum casting is the best choice for replicating rapid prototypes.

Large energy beam, easy to cut all the metal sheet, 3D&CAD model design of complex patterns, can be logos, text, patterns, and all graphic design.

For the bending deformation of the thin metal plate at a specific position, the ductility of the material is used to create a complex three-dimensional shape. Shell, box, car panel, etc.

The huge pressure is applied to the sheet metal in an instant, and the sheet metal is fixed in the cavity of the stamping die, which is one of the sheet metal processes for high-efficiency manufacturing.

It is suitable for metal sheets with low hardness and high ductility to stretch the metal to the shape of a cylinder or a box. One of the metal stamping methods is mostly used for sheet materials.

The metal solution is injected into the mold cavity through high pressure, and after cooling, high-precision metal die-casting parts are obtained, which is suitable for products with complex shapes and structures.

Wrap the ceramic slurry outside the wax mold, and the mold cavity made is injected with stainless steel and other metal solutions to obtain precision investment casting parts. The surface of the product is smooth and clean.

Relying on a cavity made of resin sand and other materials to cast large or complex metal sand casting parts with rough surfaces, usually: gray cast iron, ductile iron, aluminum, copper and other materials.

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Metal Welding services

The manufacturing process of metal connection has less material restriction, automatic welding & manual welding.

The process of optimizing the surface of the product to enhance the performance of the product is divided into: spraying type & chemical treatment type.

Through the heat treatment process, the internal structure of the material is changed, and the service performance and mechanical properties of the metal material are improved.