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pressure Die Casting Services

Mulan MFG is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in metal die casting services. Provide one-stop customized die casting parts processing solutions. Participated in the development and processing of more than 1,000 die casting parts projects worldwide, in different industries in more than 30 countries.
We have strong processing resources for die casting services and have passed ISO9001-2015 and TS16949 certification. We are committed to providing customers with the highest quality alloy die castings processing services, and one-stop solutions to the processing problems of complex die casting parts. With the cooperation of advanced automatic die casting equipment and experienced die casting expert team, we are in the industry’s leading die casting company.

china die casting services

Advanced die casting company completes all work internally.

We are  industry leading die casting China factory with advanced automation technology. From die casting mold design, die casting mold processing, die casting parts design, die casting production, precision CNC machining, assembly and testing, and packaging and transportation, all die casting China processing processes are completed in our internal workshops.

As a professional die casting china company, we carry out quality control on every link, automatic robots and monitoring systems have obtained the maximum production efficiency and minimum waste of resources for us, and provided the largest technical support services to our die casting china and international customers . Solving problems for customers is our core value.

focused on die casting parts processing for 12 years.

Provide the most efficient production solutions at the most competitive factory price, and provide the most reliable quality and after-sales service. There will be absolutely no cutting corners to reduce costs.

The professional technical team of a die casting company will monitor the processing process of pressure die casting parts and pass reports. Share work progress with you.

Relying on a wealth of technology to establish a huge supply network on a global scale, a professional pressure die casting technical engineering team is ready to contact our die casting china and international customers at any time to understand detailed product requirements and characteristics, formulate complete die-casting processing solutions, strictly control quality risks and deliver on time High-quality die-casting products.

Excellent Die Casting Services ability

china Aluminum alloy die casting services

aluminum alloy die casting Services

Light weight, superior, brilliant erosion resistance, multi-purpose electrical and warm conductivity products, materials are harmless to the ecosystem and can be reused. 

We provide aluminum die casting services that favor the die casting china and international customer, car wheels, radiator gear, electronic parts, power connectors, correspondence equipment, electrical enclosures and so on.

China zinc alloy die casting services

zinc alloy die casting Services

Mulan MFG, the world class die casting company provides die casting china and international customers services with high strength and high warm conductivity, it may very well be manufactured by cold framing and has a smooth surface. 

Zinc alloy die-casting parts are frequently utilized in: automotive circuit parts, controller components, household door handles, toys, miniature models, and so on.

china magnesium alloy die casting services

magnesium alloy die casting Services

With high electrical conductivity and warm conductivity, it is generally utilized in slight walled parts. Magnesium alloy die casting parts have extremely top notch steadiness and dimensional accuracy to match the requirement of die casting china and international customers.

Magnesium alloy die casting parts are regularly utilized in: electronic hardware, clinical gear, power line connectors and research facility gear embellishments.

Quality Control Of
die casting parts

Strict quality control is Mulan MFG’s corporate life. From raw materials to product packaging and transportation, every link is under our supervision, ensuring that 99% of high-quality pressure die casting parts are delivered to die casting china and international customers.

01. Mold design

Use software (FMD) to simulate material flow test and test mold performance.

02. Mold material inspection.

Choose high-quality mold steel to manufacture according to product die casting china

and international customers requirements and quantity.

03. Mold size control

The accuracy and surface finish of the mold are inspected through CMM.

04. Initial inspection of rough products

Carry out size inspection according to product design to prevent insufficient processing or design defects.

05. Internal inspection of materials

Use ultrasonic and magnetic powder to detect whether there are cracks inside the product material.

06. Surface treatment inspection.

Detect surface treatment results and edge burrs.

Looking for reliable die casting company in china

Rapid Responsivedie casting Services Mulan - MFG

In order to meet the needs of many customers for rapid prototyping of metal projecting, Mulan MFG, your die casting company has established a high-speed metal projecting technical team. We provide customers with small batch precision metal projecting services and aluminium die casting services. Suitable for early product development, testing product functionality, and equipment replacement parts.

Fast aluminium die casting services are our business focus. With our professional mold design team and processing team, we can build precision die-casting molds in a short period of time and conduct mold testing immediately. The internal mold workshop pressure die casting

and conducts mold processing 7*24 hours. And accept small-volume product orders for rapid production.

Mulan MFG has focused on precision metal die-casting and aluminium die casting services for more than 15 years. It has established good cooperative relations with many customers, participated in many pressure die casting product development projects and mass production. This is one of the reasons for choosing Mulan MFG.

china aluminum die casting parts

Advantages of Mulan MFG
die casting Services

  • Have strong metal projecting resources, professional aluminium die casting services and pressure die casting parts production line, and refuse to cut corners.
  • Rich experience and excellent technical level, leading the industry.
  • Professional product development work to help customers save time and solve complex problems.
  • One-stop metal die casting services manufacturer, owning Mulan MFG will own the entire industry.
  • To ensure the safety of customer funds, good reputation protection, used to assume responsibility.
  • Communicate promptly, deliver on time, and provide authoritative data reports.
  • Reasonable price, real Chinese metal die casting factory quotation.
  • Professional English online team, 7*24H provides immediate technical solutions. 

What is die casting services?

The molten metal solution is injected into the metal cavity through high pressure, and a large number of complex metal components are produced according to the specific structure of the mold.
Generally speaking, for metal alloy products with complex structures, die casting is a reasonable processing process. Using hard steel to make complex cavities will increase the service life of the mold. High-quality products can be copied in large numbers.
The versatility, quality stability and accuracy of the die casting process have been widely used in various industries.

The difference between die casting and other casting?

Contrasted to other casting processes, die casting processing is more restricted in the selection of materials, fundamentally light alloy materials, including aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys , and zinc alloys. 

Since in the precision metal cavity, the product acquired is more precise, the surface is more great, the thickness of the item is additionally good, and there are not many pores. 

There is basically no need for extra processing, however different processes require crushing the feed port or surface shot impacting or cleaning. Significantly further develop productivity and save costs along the aluminium die casting services

How die casting services Works?

1. Mold design:

As indicated by item necessities and shape structure, make a plan for the cavity of a high-strength metal form with a smooth surface and mimic the production cycle to advance the quality and steadiness.

2. Mold processing:

Utilize high-accuracy cnc machining focus to engrave the planned shape hole with hard metal unrefined components, incorporating items with extremely complex structures.  

3. Die-casting processing:

utilize high-pressure gear to infuse liquid metal solution into the metal pit to fix the locking of the form and the sliding mold. Commonly we decide to utilize numerous depressions in the form plan, which can further develop creation and assembling effectiveness. 

4. Product processing:

Subsequent to acquiring the item, we perform cnc machining, surface treatment, heat treatment, and so forth as per the tweaked item prerequisites. 

5. Packaging:

Sensible and safe bundling permits aluminium die casting services clients to get the most acceptable items.

Is Die Casting A Cheap Process?

Die casting  is one of the most conservative and speediest framing measures. The benefits of this production process are that a huge number of castings can be delivered generally rapidly by relatively only one form. All parts created have a uniform quality and include somewhat low unit costs.

What Products Does Die Casting Produce?

In fact, die-cast parts  can be found in numerous things; you are likely ignorant that they are produced from the die-cast metal. Locks and gears are common completed products. Different models are snares, toys, door handles, pumps, power tool housing, golf clubs and general designing castings

Fields of Application?

Most usually, die cast parts are made for the automotive industry, for example, wheels, blocks, chamber heads, valve squares and manifolds. This area represents around 84 % of the castings produced by German foundries. The utilization of aluminum parts prompts a decrease in the heaviness of the vehicles and consequently to a decrease in fuel utilization. What’s more, there are different businesses in which pass on cast parts are utilized in the field of Aerospace, Domestic Appliances, Furniture, Power Tools, Electronics, Machinery, Lighting Technology, later on, different ventures such as electromobility will hold any importance with foundries. This offers huge potential for light metal projecting.

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