metal heat treatment Services

metal heat treatment Services

Mulan has been focusing on the precision CNC machining industry for 18 years and has participated in many large international procurement company procurement projects, includingauto parts, medical equipment parts, military parts, and civilian parts. Has passed ISO9001-2015 standard and TS16949 certification, and is a formal large-scale environmental protection enterprise.

Mulan MFG relies on powerful machining capabilities to provide you with cnc machining production solutions. Use 3D software to establish product models, accurately communicate the processing program to the computer, through the cooperation of advanced 3,4,5 axis processing equipment, your products have been running on professional CNC production lines, holes, threads, dimensional tolerances, etc. Under our control.

The precision CNC machining center is a high-efficiency and high-precision automatic machining process developed by modern industry according to the traditional milling machine. It uses data and software to control the cutting of tools and parts with mobile processing. It has many varieties of products, complex structure, precision and efficiency Low advantage.



This is a metal heat treatment process that slowly heats the metal to a certain temperature and keeps it for a sufficient time and then cools it at an appropriate speed to reduce the hardness and improve the machinability, reduce residual stress, stabilize the size and reduce deformation. Refine material grains and eliminate organizational defects.



The heat treatment process that acts on the metal surface is widely used in low-carbon steel and low-alloy steel. As for the activated carburizing medium, it is heated to 900-950°C to obtain a high-carbon surface after heat preservation.


Vacuum hardening

The metal material is smoothly quenched with less than one atmosphere pressure in the vacuum furnace, and filled with high-purity neutral gas, water, oil, and other media. Used in various carburizing steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, etc.



At a certain temperature, the chemical heat treatment process in which nitrogen atoms infiltrate the surface of the workpiece in a certain medium can be divided into: liquid nitriding, gas nitriding, ion nitriding, and nitrocarburizing.


Induction hardening

Induction current is generated on the surface of metal parts, which rapidly heats the surface of the parts and quenches them quickly. Generally, a hollow copper tube coil of intermediate frequency or high frequency alternating current is used to generate an alternating magnetic field and heat it quickly. The temperature can reach 800-1000°C in a few seconds to change the surface hardness of metal parts.

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