Investment Casting Services

  • Annual output of 20,000 ton of stainless steel investment casting parts
  • Investment casting parts Casting capacity range: 0.025 inches to 6 inches.
  • The min wall thickness is 0.02 inches.
  • rapid Investment casting  prototyping in 2-3 weeks.
  • Delivery after 100% strict quality inspection.
  • Provide investment casting parts solutions within 24 H.
  • Support digital investment casting services

Investment Casting Services

Investment casting services is a widely used metal precision casting process (or: lost wax casting). Is widely used in the production of precision parts to minimize material waste, energy and post-processing costs. Ensure that very complex metal parts can be cast.

Investment casting can provide highly consistent features, replicate precise tolerances and complex contours and internal structures in batches, achieve structural details close to the design prototype, and reduce the cost of precision machining.

And investment casting is a good substitute for precision machining and welding components. Many components are combined to achieve high-efficiency production, and can provide higher precision effects and reduce the complexity of parts manufacturing.

china investment casting services

Mulan MFG is a leading investment casting manufacturer in the industry, focusing on: silica sol casting, lost wax casting, water glass casting and other different investment casting processes, with an annual output of 2w Ton of precision castings.

We can produce prototypes of cast parts with a diameter of 800mm*800mm and a weight of up to 500kg, and we can accept large-scale orders of more than 1.500.000 pieces, and rapid casting prototypes with only a few pieces, as well as complex structural design and demanding quality requirements.

Passed ISO 9001-2015 certification and TS16969, the product sales network covers 30 countries,

3000 buyers from all over the world choose Mulan MFG Precision investment castings and obtain economic benefits from them.

Please contact the Mulan MFG foundry team for a metal investment casting services solution that will benefit you.
You can decide to buy or use it as a commercial reference.

Investment Casting Services ability

Stainless Steel Investment casting services

A steel alloy with iron and chromium as the main components, strong and durable, strong corrosion resistance, stainless steel investment casting parts are widely used in harsh environments, such as chemical plant equipment, smelting equipment, kitchen equipment, medical equipment, urban infrastructure Facilities (trash cans, telephone poles, etc.).

precision investment casting parts
Custom stainless steel investment casting
china custom metal casting services
Copper investment casting flange parts

Copper Alloy Investment casting services

Copper alloy precision casting is an ancient metal with strong ductility, excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, light weight and strong, easy to process, widely used in: pipe fittings, sensor components, electrical equipment, electronic accessories, etc.

precision investment casting tolerance

The reasonable configuration of investment casting process details in Mulan MFG can help your product accuracy rise to a higher level.

investment casting services linear tolerance

*The standard linear tolerance of investment casting process is: ±0.15mm / per inch

Size standard tolerances our best tolerances
≤12.7mm ±0.20mm ±0.10mm
12.7mm - 25.4mm ±0.30mm ±0.20mm
25.4mm - 50.8mm ±0.40mm ±0.25mm
50.8mm - 100mm ±0.80mm ±0.50mm
100mm - 150mm ±0.80mm ±0.50mm
150mm - 200mm ±1mm ±0.70mm

investment casting services geometric tolerance

*All standards must be matched with actual product design and structure.

name standard
Straightness, roundness, positioning (hole) ±0.13 mm /per inch
Concentricity 0.10mm
edges and corners ±0.5°
Blind holes and slots deep ≤ 9.5mm (Feature diameter or width Max 9.5mm)
deep ≥ 9.5mm , (Feature diameter or width Min 9.5mm*2)
Flatness 3mm thickness - 0.30mm Flatness
6mm thickness - 3mm Flatness
Wall thickness Min 3mm thickness

China Precision investment casting foundry

Investment casting process can achieve a very smooth and flat product surface effect, usually better than 125 microns, depending on whether the wax model or other fusible polymer materials outside the refractory slurry inclusions are smooth and delicate, usually most investment castings The outer surface of the part does not require excessive processing.

We rely on advanced casting equipment to provide a full range of precision investment casting services, internal non-destructive testing, heat treatment, sophisticated process, automated wax stringing and other technologies. We ensure the efficient operation of the investment casting process, simplify the investment casting process with cutting-edge digital technology, save manufacturing costs and time costs for customers, and deliver high-quality metal castings on time

China investment casting services

Why choose Mulan MFG For
Investment casting services?

As a leading investment casting company in the industry, we will bring cost-effective precision casting services to our customers.

We rely on advanced casting equipment to provide a full range of casting prototype manufacturing, internal non-destructive testing, heat treatment, sophisticated process, automated wax stringing and other technologies. We ensure the high-efficiency process operation of investment casting foundry, using advanced digital wax model technology, saving investment casting costs and time costs for customers, and delivering high-quality metal castings on time.

  • Weight: 0.015 kg-50 kg
  • Minimum tolerance: ±0.3mm
  • Any complicated structure


Mulan MFG investment casting company can achieve a very smooth and flat product surface effect, usually better than 125 microns, depending on whether the wax model or other fusible polymer materials outside the refractory slurry inclusions are smooth and delicate, usually most of the The outer surface of investment casting parts does not require excessive processing.

It is worth mentioning that the investment casting process will not cause an obvious parting line, which is different from sand casting and die casting which are composed of more than two metal models, so there will be an obvious parting line.

  • Surface Finish: Ra1.6
  • Sandblasting
  • Polishing /
  • Electrolytic Polishing
  • Pickling Passivation

According to the customer's casting product requirements, unique customized text or other features can be created on the product surface, including:

  • LOGO
  • text
  • patterns
  • symbols
  • slots
  • holes, etc.

Investment casting molds have very high economic benefits, with very little mold loss and no complicated maintenance and maintenance. Aluminum alloy materials are usually used, and high-efficiency precision CNC machining is used. It can be completed in the fastest two days, the most industry-leading casting The company, Mulan MFG, accepts rapid prototyping investment casting processes for a dozen small batch products, and uses 3D printing wax patterns, which are widely used in digital investment casting technology. Significantly save the cost of casting molds.

  • Free parts Design
  • Free Maintenance
  • 1.000.000 Pieces molds Life
  • 7 Days Rapid casting prototype Manufacturing

Mulan MFG has a wealth of investment casting technology and professional knowledge, can help customers design product structure, combined with strong investment casting foundry manufacturing capabilities, combine multiple components for integral casting molding, and weld multi-component wax molds into a whole. Investment casting, instead of traditional welding and riveting assembly, saves costs and improves efficiency.

  • Functional Components
  • Free Development Samples
  • Function Test
  • Free Installation

investment casting services case studies

Mulan MFG is a reliable investment casting China company.
It actively provides a full range of precision casting services.

How to precision investment casting company working?


  • Internal mold design and manufacturing department.
  • Precise aluminum molds create precise wax models.
  • Wrap 7-10 layers of ceramic shell outside the model.
  • Dry for 7 days.
  • Dewaxing at 1000F-2000F temperature.
  • Liquid metal is filled into the ceramic cavity.
  • Strictly control the flow rate and temperature of the molten metal.
  • After cooling, carry out CNC automatic splitting of the shell.
  • Grinding, pickling, heat treatment.
  • Precision CNC machining into the final product.

According to product requirements and shape structure, create a design plan for the cavity of a high-strength metal mold with a smooth surface, and simulate the production process to optimize the quality and stability.

Use high-precision cnc machining center to engrave the designed mold cavity in hard aluminum alloy, including products with very complex structures.

Use high-pressure equipment to inject molten wax solution into the metal cavity to fix the mold and lock the sliding mold. After a few seconds of natural cooling, a complete wax model is obtained. Mulan MFG can rely on 3D printing to create a complete pull model, which is suitable for rapid prototyping and saves mold investment costs.

multiple wax molds are welded into a “tree”, allowing the metal solution to flow into the mold cavity in stages. Put the whole wax mold assembly into the ceramic slurry, generally divided into 7 times, and continue to dry to make the thickness at least 10mm.

Through high temperature, the wax in the wax mold assembly is liquefied to retain the complete ceramic cavity.

The molten metal solution is slowly introduced into the ceramic cavity. This process is critical to prevent the ceramic cavity from overheating and exploding or the flow rate is too fast to cause the product to have quality risks such as pores.

Destroy the ceramic cavity on the surface, just like eating an orange, and get the complete investment casting product inside.

The product is divided from the “tree”, and the surface is shot blasted and pickled for a long time to remove burrs and oxide layers.Make the product look more beautiful.

Carry out professional solid solution heat treatment on the product to increase product performance.

According to product design and use requirements, precise numerical control processing is performed. The minimum tolerance is ±0.01mm.

What is the investment casting services?

Investment casting services is also called lost wax casting services. It is a precision casting process. It is widely used in solid parts and complex hollow parts. It is suitable for metal parts made of various alloys. It is often used for castings with complex structures and demanding performance requirements. It is a very reasonable casting method for customized special tools.
Investment casting has a high degree of design flexibility and can easily cast black alloy products with holes, threads, grooves, and complex structures. And eliminate part of the secondary processing part, saving costs.

What is the difference with other casting processes?

1. Wax molds of investment casting products are formed in aluminum molds, which can create complex structures without affecting the flow of molten metal.
2. Metal castings can effectively remove excess air through the tree-shaped components during the casting process, and no air holes will appear.
3. The surface of the ceramic cavity is very smooth and air-permeable, which can ensure that the surface of the metal casting is smooth and free of pores after cooling.
4. Investment casting can replicate high-quality castings in large quantities with very high efficiency, and maintain a consistent appearance and smooth surface.
5. Different from sand casting and die casting, investment casting can use 3D printed wax patterns to manufacture rapid prototype casting parts.

Advantages of investment casting?

  • Low-cost investment casting mold.
  • Can manufacture precise and complex parts.
  • High-efficiency automatic Investment casting process.
  • Excellent surface finish.
  • Greater freedom of design for casting parts.
  • One-stop metal investment casting services

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Yes, we are a manufacturer with ISO9001-2015 quality standards, advanced equipment and a complete supply chain, and a one-stop service manufacturer focusing on custom metal product processing.

Of course, Mulan MFG has a team of experienced technical experts. In many cases, our customers only have ideas but no reasonable design models. We can survey and design according to customer requirements or existing samples.

Generally, the processing of metal parts will follow the DIN 2768f standard, and the plastic products will follow the 2768m standard.

  • Tolerance Range: ±0.008mm~0.010mm
    Cylindrical Circumference 0.01mm/100mm
  • End Face Flatness 0.02mm/200mm
    Thread Pitch Accuracy 0.06mm/300mm
  • Roughness: Ra0.8
  • International Tolerance Level: IT6-IT8
  • Outer Circle Accuracy 0.005-0.01mm
  • Surface Finish After Grinding Machine Can Reach Ra0.4

Please mark more detailed tolerance standards on the product design plan and technical requirements, which is very important.

1. Review the product design and check whether all size requirements are reasonable and clear.
2. Develop detailed production plan and manufacturing process plan
3. Control the manufacturing links where quality risks may occur.
4. The initial raw materials are inspected and the material report is reviewed.
5. Three dimensional inspections at the initial, mid and final stages to ensure that the products meet quality requirements.
6. Final surface inspection.
7. Packaging inspection.
All quality inspection processes are in line with ISO9001-2015 standards.

1) Western Union for samples cost or very small order
2) 100% T/T in advance when amount less than 1000USD
3) 50% deposit, 50% balance by T/T before shipment when order amount from 3000USD to 5000USD.
4) 30% deposit, 70% balance by T/T before shipment when order amount over 5000USD.
5) L/C payment term for big amount order is acceptable.

30% advance payment to start project production.
If there is a mold, a 50% advance payment of the mold cost is required.
After the product inspection report is passed, 40% and the balance of the mold will be paid.
30% of the balance payment is paid before the product is shipped.

Of course, we have a professional freight forwarding department that can solve all international transportation problems, including sea, air and express.

Yes, we opened the agency cooperation model to many large international trading companies in 2018 to provide the most competitive services for local customized metal parts. Agents can enjoy very preferential discounts and do not need to worry about product quality issues. .environment and use requirements of the product.

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