Metal Stamping services

  • Low Cost Metal Stamping molds tools.
  • From 10 PC – 5.000,000 PC Metal Stamping Services.
  • 80 Ton – 1.000 Ton High-speed Stamping Equipment.
  • Real factory quote.
  • Global delivery, 3000+ customers choose Mulan MFG.

Custom Metal Stamping Services

With excellent metal stamping capacities,Mulan MFG provide services to clients with competitive costs and top notch stamping products. We provide a wide scope of metal stamping services, for example, single stamping, progressive die stamping,in-die tapping, composite die stamping, etc and so on.

As a professional metal stamping company, we have been focused on metal stamping manufacturing for almost two decades, understand the requirements of every industry for stamping items, kindly let us know how to utilize the product and the business and reference standard, with we will give you a detailed product design and production plan report before getting the metal stamping dies.

China Metal Stamping Services

Mulan MFG equipped with independent focal point of the metal stamping dies, The stamping products was set up with UG software, like the model, the utilization of CNC machining and grinding polishing cleaning process, get the metal stamping dies, in a usual routine cycle of 12 days, the structure iis extremely complicated stamping parts of the dies up to 30 days.

Mulan MFG can develop different types of metal stamping dies, and can be proficiently fabricated and placed into production. Ensure the design metal stamping dies, meets the most severe stamping specifications.We can  produce 84 x 144 long progreissive die.Our specialty is creating imaginative solutions for a scope of component materials including high strength steel, hardened steel and aluminum.

Sheet Metal Stamping Services ability

China Precision aluminum Stamping parts

precision Metal Stamping Services

Precision metal stamping is widely used by sheet metal stamping services . It is characterised by the minimal expense and high-effectiveness large scale processing. The sheet metal stamping company can keep up with stable superior quality and progress, and customised production as indicated by your requirements and resilience ranges.

Precision metal stamping is an assembling strategy processed by the sheet metal stamping company, it is used to transform sheets of metal into the ideal size and shape of the parts required for different industries. This process enables quick and precise production of a wide range of metal parts by varied operations of sheet metal stamping company, for example, stamping ,folding, drawing and piercing into a single operation  or series of associated tasks.

In addition to higher accuracy and exactness, the other benefits our precision sheet metal stamping services exhibits over other assembling measures by competitors of sheet metal stamping china industry, include: 

Greater process and better product quality. Precision presented by the sheet metal stamping services means making less mistakes during production . This implies there is less chance of producing mistakes or making it under the control of clients and sheet metal stamping companies

Lower production costs.  For the most automated process under sheet metal stamping services, mitigates the requirement for manual labor work. This quality leads in a lower mistake rate,   which also means less material usage and waste during a production run of a sheet metal stamping company.

Progressive Die Stamping Services

It is a high-efficiency metal stamping services. The progressive die stamping mold has multiple stations, and each station will perform different stamping steps, such as: cutting, bending, hole, rolling, stamping LOGO, etc. It has the characteristics of high production efficiency, lower cost, higher repeatability, and higher precision. The technical cost of the mold is relatively high, which is suitable for the rapid production of mass products.

The decision to produce a part in progressive stamping dies upon size, intricacy and volume of production.  Progressive stamping die is a type of metal stamping dies, utilized to produce an enormous number of parts and keep the expenses as low as could really be expected. The greatest levels of demands  in accuracy and durability should be met. 

Because of the intricacy of progressive stamping dies, your trusted metal stamping china company, Milun MFG will deal with all factors that contribute to accomplishing the ideality of part quality, including blank position, pilots, limits and boundaries and stretch-web deformation.

Pilots assume a significant role in progressive stamping – they fix the strip into a proper position and keep up with power over it. Likewise, they are fundamental for precise sheet positioning during apparatus closing and attracting tasks that kick the bucket. Different components to be considered are timing and collaboration of transporters, pads, and upper and lower tools. The advantages of progressive stamping are expanded usefulness and tremendous expense decrease for high-volume production.

china Progressive Stamping Services

sheet metal stamping services
Tolerance Standard

As the industry’s leading sheet metal stamping supplier, we strictly abide by the ISO 2768 tolerance standard. In addition, we can challenge the demanding precision tolerance requirements, and we will do our best to meet them.

Minimum Tolerance Standard Guide standard customer standard
Thickness 0.2mm-12mm 0.2mm - 12mm
Length 1200mm 1200mm
Width 1200mm 1200mm
Holes ±0.25mm ±0.1mm
Standard sheet thickness -0.2mm -0.02mm
Tolerance of stamping die ±0.05mm ±0.01mm

One-Stop sheet Metal stamping Services

Material solution

The real material report and performance test report will be delivered to the customer over Sheet Metal Stamping China industry and the metal stamping company together with the product.

china sheet metal fabrication services

Wire Drawing Board

china sheet metal fabrication services

Standard plate

china sheet metal fabrication services

Mirror polished sheet

201 | 303 | 304 | 316 | 316L

416 | 420 | 430 | 440c | 301

17-4 | 15-5 | 18-8

6061 | 5052 | 6063 | 7075 | 7050 | 2024

1018 | 4130 | 4140 | A36 | Q235 | Q255

1045 | O1 | A2 | A3 | D2 | S7 | H13

C101 | C260 | C110| C360 | C932

C101 | C260 | C110| C360 | C932

what is sheet metal stamping services ?

Precision sheet metal stamping services is one of the indispensable industrial manufacturing processes. It plays a vital role in the manufacturing industry. It makes high-volume sheet metal process highlight the characteristics of high efficiency, stable quality, and strong economic benefits. Some high-end manufacturing industries can take advantage of the flexible design features of precision stamping parts to accurately create precision stamping products with very complex structures.

Low cost and economic benefits: relying on high-quality stamping dies or progressive die stamping, large quantities of metal stamping parts can be quickly operated, labor costs and the proportion of defective products can be reduced, and economic benefits can be improved.
Less material waste: Reasonable mold design and material placement will maximize the use of material space and reduce material waste to a minimum.
Stable high quality: Precision high-quality molds can ensure that the size of the product meets the standard and is uniform. Although there are multiple steps in the progressive die stamping, as long as the mold does not damage the product, there will be no large quantities of defective products.
Automation and high efficiency: We use cnc high-speed punching machine to automatically produce products from sheet to finished product, and in-mold welding, riveting, threading, etc. can be built into the mold.

custom sheet metal stamping services
316 SS sheet metal stamping services

metal stamping services details

Please choose a reliable and industry-competitive sheet metal stamping company, and deal with manufacturing details reasonably, which will save you more communication and time costs, reduce product quality risks.

china metal stamping manufacturing

Why ChooseMetal Stamping Services Sheet Metal Stamping China company- Mulan - MFG

Mulan MFG has an advanced independent metal stamping die base, providing metal stamping die design and manufacturing with the most highest quality standards. Different product structures will choose different metal stamping dies, including: precision single stamping die, progressive stamping die, in-die tapping stamping, composite die stamping, etc. The cycle is usually 15 days, and the metal stamping die with complex structure will not exceed 30 days.

We have provided complete OEM Stamping manufacturing Services for more than 1500 buyers around the world, delivered on time to 30 countries and regions around the world, and won the trust of many buyers with high-quality stamping parts and efficient on-time delivery. Stable cooperative relationship.

  • World Class Quality Production : As a industry leading metal stamping company, Mulan MFG has consistently been an expert group of quality engineers to carry out stricts reviews on our products. Our product qualification rate is as high as ninety five percentage.So  you don’t have to stress about making bad quality products like those from other metal stamping china companies, because the quality is the essence of Mulan MFG.
  • Real Factory Price : Strong internal processing capacity, Mulan MFG The metal stamping company, can handle all expense utilization, from raw materials to transportation, all means are influenced under our control. We have an established assembling network in the metal stamping china industry providing 18 years of professional services. and can get a real quotation from the factory, no mediator space.
  • On-Time Delivery : Experienced metal stamping company such as Mulan MFG realizes how to compress time, formulate a complete production processes mechanism, viably and proficiently work, and maximise its assembling capacities as indicated by the production cycle given by client over metal stamping china industries.

Quality Control Of
Metal Stamping parts

Strict quality control is Mulan MFG’s corporate life. From raw materials to product packaging and transportation, every link is under our supervision, ensuring that 99% of high-quality sheet metal stamping Parts are delivered to customers.

01. Raw material quality inspection

Long-run participation with large steel mills, all materials will have a material examination report by the sheet metal stamping company, Mulan MFG. (chemical report and physical report) before they are put into storage.

02. Initial size inspection

Sheet metal stamping companies provide metal stamping dies and measure the size of the material to prevent inadequate machining stipend and bad material.

03. Production Interaction Control

Sheet metal stamping companies foster a production plan, stream flow chart, control time mode and designs, and prevent delayed delivery.

04. Mid-Term Dimensional Investigation

Sheet metal stamping company perform product size examinations at each handling mode, study conceivable quality dangers during item processing, and tackle the processing of issue items in time.

05. Final Size Examination

Metal stamping companies perform all dimensional investigations on the completed items and record detailed assessment reports.

06. Surface and Establishment Test Review

Check the surface of the item to prevent surface issues like knocks, scratches and inadequate surface medicines, and perform gathering tests on utilitarian parts to convey items that meet the functionality, to ensure delivering the best quality sheet metal stamping services, over metal stamping china industry.

many Metal Stamping Services Case Studies

3000+ global companies cooperate with Mulan MFG to develop metal stamping product projects.

What is Custom Metal Stamping services?

Provide complete sheet metal stamping and forming project processing for different stamping product designs in various industries, and better realize the functionality and precision requirements of stamping products. Meet customer requirements over the metal stamping china company and the sheet metal stamping china company. Custom stamping products on demand.

What's Type of Metal stamping services?

  • Progressive die stamping
  • Transfer Die Stamping
  • Four-Slide Stamping
  • Precision Stamping

How metal stamping services Works?

Metal stamping is a cold forming process by a metal stamping china company and the sheet metal stamping china company, that uses molds and stamping machines to transform sheet metal into different shapes. A flat sheet of metal (often called a blank) is fed into a sheet metal press, which uses tools and die surfaces to shape the metal into a new shape.

Metal stamping china company and the sheet metal stamping china company, that provide stamping services place the material to be stamped between the mold parts, where pressure is used to shape the material and cut it into the final shape required by the product or component.

  • Punching
  • Blanking
  • Embossing
  • Coining
  • Bending
  • Flanging

How To Ensure The Delivery Of High-Quality Metal Stamping Parts To Clients Over Sheet Metal Stamping China industries?

As the industry-leading metal stamping china company and the sheet metal stamping china company, We have a professional quality control team to check every process in accordance with the quality control plan.

The quality details of all products should be checked before packaging. As the industry-leading metal stamping china company and the sheet metal stamping china company, Mulan MFG uses  advanced quality inspection equipment. (Support third-party quality inspection team for review)

  • CMM Equipment
  • Deltronic Pins
  • Digital Height Gages
  • Digital Microscope
  • Digital Micrometers & Calipers
  • Hardness Testers
  • Master Gauge Blocks
  • Optical Comparators
  • Pull Testers
  • Slipstick
  • Virtek (Laser Scanner)

Metal Stamping Services Blog

The advancement of technology has enabled us to just finish the metal stamping service.

Yes, we are a manufacturer with ISO9001-2015 quality standards, advanced equipment and a complete supply chain, and a one-stop service manufacturer focusing on custom metal product processing.

Of course, Mulan MFG has a team of experienced technical experts. In many cases, our customers only have ideas but no reasonable design models. We can survey and design according to customer requirements or existing samples.

Generally, the processing of metal parts will follow the DIN 2768f standard, and the plastic products will follow the 2768m standard.

  • Tolerance Range: ±0.008mm~0.010mm
    Cylindrical Circumference 0.01mm/100mm
  • End Face Flatness 0.02mm/200mm
    Thread Pitch Accuracy 0.06mm/300mm
  • Roughness: Ra0.8
  • International Tolerance Level: IT6-IT8
  • Outer Circle Accuracy 0.005-0.01mm
  • Surface Finish After Grinding Machine Can Reach Ra0.4

Please mark more detailed tolerance standards on the product design plan and technical requirements, which is very important.

1. Review the product design and check whether all size requirements are reasonable and clear.
2. Develop detailed production plan and manufacturing process plan
3. Control the manufacturing links where quality risks may occur.
4. The initial raw materials are inspected and the material report is reviewed.
5. Three dimensional inspections at the initial, mid and final stages to ensure that the products meet quality requirements.
6. Final surface inspection.
7. Packaging inspection.
All quality inspection processes are in line with ISO9001-2015 standards.

1) Western Union for samples cost or very small order
2) 100% T/T in advance when amount less than 1000USD
3) 50% deposit, 50% balance by T/T before shipment when order amount from 3000USD to 5000USD.
4) 30% deposit, 70% balance by T/T before shipment when order amount over 5000USD.
5) L/C payment term for big amount order is acceptable.

30% advance payment to start project production.
If there is a mold, a 50% advance payment of the mold cost is required.
After the product inspection report is passed, 40% and the balance of the mold will be paid.
30% of the balance payment is paid before the product is shipped.

Of course, we have a professional freight forwarding department that can solve all international transportation problems, including sea, air and express.

Yes, we opened the agency cooperation model to many large international trading companies in 2018 to provide the most competitive services for local customized metal parts. Agents can enjoy very preferential discounts and do not need to worry about product quality issues. .environment and use requirements of the product.

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