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Metal Sand Casting Services

Mulan MFG is a sand casting services manufacturer with global parts metal projectingtechnology and can provide complete metal sand casting services. Passed ISO 9001-2015 quality certification.

It produces more than 5,000 tons of metal sand casting services products every year, and provides: casting mold design, casting mold processing, metal sand casting services, precision CNC Machining, surface treatment, heat treatment and other one-stop processing services.

Focus on metal sand casting services for 15 years, with rich experience and technology, provide metal sand casting production solutions for 3000+ purchasing companies internationally .

Metal sand casting services are widely used in many industries and is one of the most cost-effective and efficient casting methods, helping to reduce product costs and lead times.

Please contact the Mulan MFG engineering expert team, we are the professional sand casting company providing services for 15 years. Our experts will evaluate your product as soon as possible, optimize product design, and provide the most competitive price in sand casting china industry and production solutions. You can try to cooperate immediately, or as a commercial reference.

Why choose China sand casting Services?

The biggest feature of metal sand casting services is low cost and high efficiency. For different products, processing solutions are also different, requiring flexible use of technology and experience knowledge of a sand casting company.

1. Help you reduce the purchase cost of small batch and large batch products.
2. Suitable for processing large casting parts.
3. Better use of ferrous metal materials and non-ferrous metal materials.
4. Higher efficiency.
5. Products with complex shapes can be manufactured.
6. Ancient craftsmanship, modern and mature processing technology.

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Shell resin sand Casting Services

We are the sand casting company that uses resin-containing sand as a molding mold. The role of the metal mold is to make a resin sand mold cavity, and the metal solution is molded in the resin sand mold cavity. Compared with sand casting, it has better surface and dimensional accuracy and improves efficiency.

Green sand Casting Services

Through the method of damp silica sand forming molds, the water binds the sand together, and the molten metal is poured into the mold to obtain the casting parts that meets the sand casting china and international clients’ needs. Statistics show that more than half of metal projecting use sand casting methods.

Metal Sand Casting Services Capacity

2000 buyers from all over the world benefit from Mulan MFG metal sand molds casting services.

With 15 years of casting experience, we are the sand casting company that continues to invest in advanced equipment and the training of technical personnel to provide one-stop OEM metal sand casting services for various industries.

More and more sand casting china and international companies recognize our technology and high quality. We can provide complete supply chain assistance and technical support, from product design, prototype development, mold making and small batch or large batch product supply.

 We are the sand casting company that utilizes excellent unrefined materials (material reports issued by large-scale legitimate firms) for sensible arrangement, and can project complex-formed metal projecting. We are a sand casting china company with proficient innovation and advanced equipment, creating 0.5kg-350kg casting products, and ensuring these items have no pores, breaks, distortion and so on.

China sand casting foundry

On-Demand Material solution

The real material report and performance test report will be delivered to the customer together with the product. 

Why Choose Sand casting Services Mulan - MFG

We have won praises from buyers all over the world for our excellent casting quality and high efficiency casting work. Our one-stop casting services include: mold design, mold manufacturing, sand core manufacturing, casting, finishing, heat treatment, assembly testing, and strict Dimension inspection and precision CNC machining.
Our advanced casting equipment, shot blasting equipment, heat treatment workshop, and professional chemical and physical laboratories better control the manufacturing and quality control of casting products. Get more information about our capabilities.

What kind of sand is used for casting?

The three most common sand utilized by sand casting china and international clients for sand casting are Green Sand, Silica Sand, and Resin sand. Sand casting with green sand is quick and cheap as it can be reused for later castings. Its delicate, reusable properties likewise mean the mold can remove or implode during the casting system.

Silica sand is a decent choice since it can rapidly turn from  liquid to solid. Casting with silica requires additional time to break down the mould after the metal has cooled. Tar sand takes into account a smooth surface form, which translates to less damaged parts. This sand likewise accompanies slower casting time and higher expense, which is not a common alternative to the sand casting china and international clients. 

Benefits of sand casting services?

Almost Any Alloy: 

Sand casting companies can be promptly created in almost any ferrous or non-ferrous alloy.  Some other projecting cycles will liquefy and pour super-alloys in a vacuum, however that isn’t regularly done as a sand casting . A few materials can’t be worked on, and should be produced as a casting. 

Low Tooling Cost:

The relatively low cost of tooling makes sand casting a process of choice for lower volume needs.  Patterns do wear so the material selected for the pattern, will depend on the expected usage quantity of the part being produced. Though not necessarily cheaper in the short run, the use of machined molds may be a cost-effective option for components with expected lower usage over a longer period of time.

Versatile – Size, Weight, Shape:

Sand castings can be produced in weights from ounces to 200+ tons.  Through the use of cores internal structures can be cast in place.  Shaped parts rely mainly on the imagination of the designer.  Most sand castings, however, will need at least some machined surfaces, either because of innate tolerance limits of the process, or the need to mate with other components.

Sand castings can be created in loads from ounces to hundreds of tons. Shaped parts rely hugely on the creative mind of the sand casting company’s designer.  Most sand castings, in any case, will require to some extent some machined surfaces, either as a result of inborn resistance cutoff points of the interaction, or the need to mate with different parts. 

Any Quantity:

Since the tooling cost can be negligible, sand projecting might be fitting for a solitary piece run.  Alternatively, there are car components that are created utilizing this process, so it might likewise be utilized in high volume applications.  Other components of plan and resistance are frequently more significant than amount while choosing this as the favored projecting process. 


The projecting system itself might be faster than some others, like investment projecting, however consider the post-projecting cycles like machining that might be required when processing complete lead times. 

What are the five major steps in sand casting production?

Conventional casting creation through the investment casting process  is more efficient and dependable. The advanced casting cycle includes emptying liquid metal into shape pits to frame an ideal shape. The condensed metal is then cooled and permitted to solidify, prior to being removed from the shape in a cemented structure. There are five stages in the casting system that our sand casting china and international clients should know about during the production: patternmaking, trim, melting and pouring, shakeout, and hotness treatment and investigation. 

What products are made from sand casting?

Contrasted and other projecting techniques, sand projecting is great for huge part creation. This strategy offers designs and a variety of metal amalgam choices and part size choices at a reasonable assembling cost to our sand casting china and international clients. Moreover, sand casting has a low arrangement cost and is cheap to make mold alterations. This is the favored casting strategy for the airplane business, and others like construction, auto, processing, and  surprisingly marine industries use sand projecting.

Can sand casting services accept document design?

  • ProEngineer
  • AutoCAD
  • Master CAM
  • SolidWorks Part Files
  • Catia CAD/CAM
  • SolidWorks Assembly Files
  • 2D & 3D DXF Files
  • 2D & 3D IGES Wireframe
  • Other CAD/CAM Formats

What is metal sand casting services?

Pour the molten metal solution into the sand mold cavity and wait for it to cool, then remove the sand cavity on the outer surface to obtain metal castings. This is an efficient and economical casting process. Sand is the main casting consumable. Sand casting is very suitable. Complex geometric shapes.
In this process, vent holes and liquid metal flow lines are very critical settings, which will affect the quality of castings.

Problems often encountered in sand casting services.

  1.  Thermal cracks : Because the product is not uniform during the cooling process, it causes cracks on the surface and inside of the product. A balanced melt flow rate is the key.
  2. Stomatal defects:  It is caused by uneven cooling of the product, excessively high temperature of the metal solution, or wrong setting of the sand mold density. The specific reasons should be analyzed for the location and distribution of stomata.
  3. Uneven nuclear membrane traces : Because there is no accurate positioning between the molds, the position is changed during the mold clamping process, which causes the product to shift.
  4. Incomplete product : Because the temperature of the molten metal solution is too low, it cools down without smoothly flowing into the corner after being poured into the cavity. Or the casting of the product due to insufficient amount of metal solution.

How Custom metal sand casting services Works?

  1. Mold core manufacturing: The mold core can be made of wood, plastic, metal, plaster, and all prototypes of 3D printed products. 
  2.  Mold shell:  The mold core generally needs a wooden or aluminum cast shell to work together, which can better compress the sand and compress the sand density through vibration. 
  3.  Sand shell cavity:  Sand shell casting requires the resin sand and other mixtures to be put into the mold core and then heated and compressed to form a sand shell cavity with a firm and smooth surface. 
  4.  Casting:  Pour the molten metal slowly into the sand cavity at the specified temperature, 
  5.  Casting parts : After natural cooling, a complete product is obtained.

Application of sand casting services

• Home Hardware
• Marine Hinges
• Manufacturing Equipment
• Medical Devices
• Medical Appliances
• Military & Defense
• OEM Products
• Power Systems
• Recreational Vehicles
• Restaurant Equipment
• Security Equipment
• Subsystem Enclosures
• Storm Doors
• Specialty Use Vehicles
• Toolboxes
• Transportation
• Truck Body
• Air Conditioning Equipment
• Audio Distribution Components
• Automation Equipment
• Automotive 
• Bath & Shower
• Boat Builders
• Boating
• Cabinets
• Components Automation Equipment
• Computer Equipment
• Controls & Instrumentation
• Department of Defense
• Electronics & Control Cabinets
• Food Processing Equipment
• Government
• Hardware Distributors
• Heating& AC Equipment