Sheet metal fabrication services

  • Quick prototyping in a day.
  • From 1PC – 500,000 PC Sheet Metal Fabrication Services.
  • Real processing quotation.
  • Deliver worldwide.
  • Top tier Sheet Metal Fabrication Company, trusted by 3000+ clients.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Mulan manufacturing group is a Chinese sheet metal fabrication company of professional sheet metal fabrication services, with over 20 years of involvement with sheet metal framing. All work is completed the ISO 9001-2015/TS16949 standards and the products comply with the RoHS standard. 

As a sheet metal fabrication china company, we have a professional team composed of professional technicians and raw material manufacturers, providing high-quality precision and quality and rejecting junk products. We use advanced software to control the automated processing process, leading to a good quality of sheet metal fabrication services.

Under great quality control, with sophisticated testing equipment, and the linear accuracy can be as tiny as 0.001-0.0005 inches.The independent rapid production prototype department of a trusted sheet metal fabrication china company, we have the responsibility to help customers develop product designs and quickly produce samples. 

We are a One-stop precision sheet metal fabrication services manufacturer, product design, precision turning processing, surface spraying, heat treatment and secondary processing.

sheet metal fabrication services

Sheet metal fabrication services sales network: North America, Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia and other regions, and maintain a stable cooperative relationship with 1000+ international buyers.

The metal sheet metal forming process is widely used by the top sheet metal fabrication china company. The metal working technology that plastically deforms a thin metal sheet by an external step force, exceeding the material’s yield strength, bending and drawing into various complicated shapes without reducing the material itself. Metal sheet metal forming processes generally require the use of high quality molds to obtain the desired metal product, and Mulan MFG offers the high quality molds among the competitors in the sheet metal fabrication china industry.

Competent sheet metal fabrication ability

Use pressure to create the required shape of the metal sheet in the mold, and closely fit the metal mold cavity. It has the characteristics of high efficiency and low cost. The stamping forming technology includes: punching, stamping and cutting, bending forming, embossing, Embossing, flanging, etc.

By applying pressure to the metal plate, the ductility of the material is released, and various shapes and angles are created. It is a very efficient and economical sheet metal fabrication services. Relying on CNC programs to achieve higher precision.

Applying an increased amount of compression to the sheet metal, changing the shape of the material at the limit of ductility, is a cold-working molding process, which has a high degree of versatility, can manufacture complex and delicate parts, and has extremely high precision and batch manufacturing capabilities.

Relying on the laser beam to focus on the cutting line of the plate, the material is instantly heated and melted or vaporized, thereby cutting and separating the material. Mulan MFG has 3000KW-10000kw laser cutting  equipment that can cut 30mm thick stainless steel plates or thinner metal plates.

metal stamping parts

Metal Welding Services

The separated metal materials are melted by a high-temperature welding gun and then re-spliced to assemble them into the desired product shape. Protective gas is used during the welding process to ensure that the process is not polluted and oxidized, so that the welding is firmer and cleaner.

sheet metal fabrication guide

As the industry’s leading sheet metal fabrication china,

we not only provide competitive factory prices, but also unlimited technical support.

Standard (min)
Parts size 2.4m*1.2m
Part size (weldable) 12m *12m
delivery time 3-5 work days
Sheet thickness 0.03mm - 300mm
Side to side ±0.1mm
Hole to hole ±0.2mm
Edge to hole ±0.2mm
Bend edge to hole ±0.3mm
Bend edge to edge ±0.2mm
bend side to bend side ±0.3mm
Standard (min)
Counterbore to edge Material thickness *4
Counterbore to curved edge Material thickness *3
Counterbore to counterbore Material thickness *8
Surface roughness Ra 0.8
Bending angle ±1°
Weld to edge Material thickness*10
Between welds Welding trace*2

One-Stop sheet metal fabrication services

Material solution

The real material report and performance test report will be delivered to the customer together with the product. 

201 | 303 | 304 | 316 | 316L

416 | 420 | 430 | 440c | 301

17-4 | 15-5 | 18-8

6061 | 5052 | 6063 | 7075 | 7050 | 2024

1018 | 4130 | 4140 | A36 | Q235 | Q255

1045 | O1 | A2 | A3 | D2 | S7 | H13

C101 | C260 | C110| C360 | C932

  • Investment Casting
  • Lost Wax Casting
  • Die Casting
  • Sand Casting


  • Investment Casting
  • Lost Wax Casting
  • Die Casting
  • Sand Casting


sheet metal fabrication partsSurface treatment solution

custom sheet metal fabrication parts



powder coating



Chrome plated

Black Oxide

spray Painting


laser making

Quality Control Of sheet metal fabrication

Mulan MFG is the industry-leading cnc milling china. Strict quality control is our principle of doing business to ensure that high-quality CNC milling parts are delivered to customers on time. We will always carefully complete any product design and complex details mentioned by customers. And has the ability to efficiently handle large-scale order requirements and small-scale prototype projects.

01. Raw material quality inspection

We never cut corners, all materials will have a material inspection report (chemical report & physical report) before they are put into storage.

02. Initial size inspection

Before the CNC milling services,Measure the size of the material to prevent insufficient machining allowance and poor material.

03. Production process control

Develop a production schedule flow chart, control time nodes and production plans, and prevent delayed delivery.

04. Mid-term dimensional inspection

Pay attention to each cnc milling processing node, review possible quality risks during product processing, and stop the processing of problem products in time

05. Final size inspection

Relying on advanced CMM and other inspection equipment to carry out size inspection on cnc milling parts.

06. Surface & installation testing

100% shape quality control, and install and test product functions, reject and isolate parts with quality problems such as scratches and unqualified surface treatments.

application of sheet metal fabrication Services

Aerospace, construction、 automobile manufacturing
Household appliances、 electronic appliances、 new energy equipment
Medical technology、 consumer products、 smart equipment

metal stamping box parts
Boxes & Cabinets
metal stamping bracket parts
Housing & Bracket
sheet metal bending parts
Life hardware
precision metal stamping parts
Connectors buckle

Reliable sheet metal fabrication company of china

sheet metal bending parts

Mulan MFG is a trustworthy sheet metal fabrication china manufacturer. It has passed ISO9001-2015 certification, providing high-energy production capacity and precision machining manufacturability plans for your parts. Mulan MFG has passed ISO9001-2015 certification, allowing more people from Buyers around the world trust us and maintain long-term cooperative relationships. You can visit the expert team of mulan MFG at any time for friendly communication and technical support. 2000+ buyers from all over the world choose to trust us and maintain a long-term cooperative relationship.

We have independent research and development capabilities, and have developed a variety of products such as charging pile shells, fire equipment boxes, solar sheet meta brackets, etc., which are used in the electric vehicle industry, and have been well received by customers. The sales network involves: North America, Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia and other regions, and maintain a stable cooperative relationship with 1000+ international buyers.

What is custom Sheet Metal Fabrication ?

Sheet metal fabrication services is a very flexible metal working process, which is widely used in most industries to manufacture parts or steel structure components.Usually sheet metal fabrication can solve a variety of product types such as metal shells, metal containers, and metal supports.

Compared with metal casting and cnc machining, it has the advantages of higher efficiency, more economical cost-effectiveness, more durable products, more flexible assembly and testing, etc. In fact, when designing products, product designers generally prefer the sheet metal working process, unless product requirements do not allow it.

sheet metal fabrication services
sheet metal fabrication services

many Sheet Metal Fabrication Case Studies

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How is sheet metal facrication services?

Through different sheet metal forming processes, the metal sheet is formed into the required geometric shape, and metal sheet metal products with multiple curves or corners can be manufactured.

Usually, the product processing process includes: cutting, stamping, deep drawing, bending, riveting, welding, assembly, and bending steps, through reasonable surface treatment and assembly, complete the beautiful appearance of the overall product.

Sheet metal fabrication is a general term used in the processing process of forming sheet metal with a thickness of 0.02mm-6.35mm.

Best sheet metal fabrication china company such as Mulan MFG provides high-quality & high-efficiency sheet metal Fabrication solutions, and provides competitive factory quotations. The economical and durable characteristics of sheet metal fabrication products have been widely used. Including: auto parts, aerospace, electrical equipment, medical equipment, military industry, new energy equipment, drone equipment, and highly intelligent future products.

Why choose Mulan MFG - sheet metal fabrication company?

  • Suitable for any material.
  • Suitable for a single rapid prototype, no minimum quantity.
  • Fully automatic processing, stable quality.
  • Carry out processing work efficiently.
  • Sheet metal products have flexible design and provide different solutions.
  • Many surface treatment solutions.
  • Low cost processing.
  • Fast completion of processing instructions.

Is there a minimum order quantity for Sheet metal fabrication China?

No, sheet metal fabrication is widely used in rapid prototyping and high-efficiency processing in large quantities in the sheet metal fabrication china industry . From 1 piece to 100.000 pieces or more, it can be produced quickly.

Will combining multiple sheet metal fabrication increase costs?

No . usually, sheet metal fabrication products require multiple process combinations, which are selected according to product design, so the cost will not increase.

Yes, we are a manufacturer with ISO9001-2015 quality standards, advanced equipment and a complete supply chain, and a one-stop service manufacturer focusing on custom metal product processing.

Of course, Mulan MFG has a team of experienced technical experts. In many cases, our customers only have ideas but no reasonable design models. We can survey and design according to customer requirements or existing samples.

Generally, the processing of metal parts will follow the DIN 2768f standard, and the plastic products will follow the 2768m standard.

  • Tolerance Range: ±0.008mm~0.010mm
    Cylindrical Circumference 0.01mm/100mm
  • End Face Flatness 0.02mm/200mm
    Thread Pitch Accuracy 0.06mm/300mm
  • Roughness: Ra0.8
  • International Tolerance Level: IT6-IT8
  • Outer Circle Accuracy 0.005-0.01mm
  • Surface Finish After Grinding Machine Can Reach Ra0.4

Please mark more detailed tolerance standards on the product design plan and technical requirements, which is very important.

1. Review the product design and check whether all size requirements are reasonable and clear.
2. Develop detailed production plan and manufacturing process plan
3. Control the manufacturing links where quality risks may occur.
4. The initial raw materials are inspected and the material report is reviewed.
5. Three dimensional inspections at the initial, mid and final stages to ensure that the products meet quality requirements.
6. Final surface inspection.
7. Packaging inspection.
All quality inspection processes are in line with ISO9001-2015 standards.

1) Western Union for samples cost or very small order
2) 100% T/T in advance when amount less than 1000USD
3) 50% deposit, 50% balance by T/T before shipment when order amount from 3000USD to 5000USD.
4) 30% deposit, 70% balance by T/T before shipment when order amount over 5000USD.
5) L/C payment term for big amount order is acceptable.

30% advance payment to start project production.
If there is a mold, a 50% advance payment of the mold cost is required.
After the product inspection report is passed, 40% and the balance of the mold will be paid.
30% of the balance payment is paid before the product is shipped.

Of course, we have a professional freight forwarding department that can solve all international transportation problems, including sea, air and express.

Yes, we opened the agency cooperation model to many large international trading companies in 2018 to provide the most competitive services for local customized metal parts. Agents can enjoy very preferential discounts and do not need to worry about product quality issues. .environment and use requirements of the product.

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