Surface Treatment Services

Metal Surface Treatment Services

For many metal products, reasonable metal surface treatment can increase the beauty of appearance, performance and product life, and perfect decoration can make metal parts more distinctive.

Industry-leading surface treatment technology

Mulan MFG has been focusing on the surface treatment of metal parts for more than 8 years, relying on industry-leading expertise and technology to serve many industries. With the perfect manufacturing process, we provide all buyers with excellent product prototype manufacturing to meet all the requirements of the market.
We have performed perfect surface treatment for thousands of products. Generally, 95% of customers will favor your products more because of perfect surface treatment.

Online technical support service

In addition, if you are hesitating how to choose a reasonable surface treatment method for your metal products, please contact us, and the professional team will provide you with the most authoritative technical support.
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Anodizing of aluminum, magnesium and other alloys can improve the corrosion resistance, surface hardness and heat dissipation of the material. It is the most ideal surface treatment method, which looks shiny and uniform in color.

  • Type Ⅱ anodizing can add a variety of pigments to enhance the visual effect.
  • Type Ⅲ anodizing greatly enhances the hardness of the surface, and is mostly used for wearable accessories such as tools and housings.


Suitable for hard and small particles, such as steel grit, metal beads, glass, sand, etc. Using high-pressure jet to the target product surface to form a matte or uniform pit state, while cleaning the product surface and burrs. And other surface treatments can be added.

Polishing & mirror polishing

Grinding and polishing is one of the widely used methods. The process of rubbing the surface of the product with sandpaper or electric tools to remove the processing marks and material texture. When the tool is used for grinding with more than 2000 mesh, a high-gloss polished surface is formed. Mirror polished surface. Cooperate with other surface treatments to obtain a perfect mirror effect.
All products can be polished.

Spray paint

Excellent paint spraying can effectively enhance aesthetics and anti-corrosion performance. Mulan MFG has an advanced environmentally friendly spray paint line that provides dozens of spray paint effects such as matte, flat, special texture, and gloss. Any color and tone can be selected for metal products. Provide help for direct marketing of your products.

Metal plating

This is a processing method to create a protective layer on the surface of the product. According to the use of different metals, metal films of different colors can be formed, and protective layers with different functional effects are added to improve: wear resistance, conductivity, gloss, and corrosion resistance Wait.
Widely used in: electronic accessories, coins, auto parts and fasteners, etc.
Chromium | Zinc | Tin | Gold | Silver |Nickel | Palladium | Copper

Electrolytic polishing

For materials such as steel, aluminum, copper, nickel, and stainless steel, the rough surface structure is dissolved in the electrolyte by electrification to enhance corrosion resistance, increase gloss and other decorative and applicable functions, making it an indispensable surface treatment process.
Many handicrafts and hardware products, especially stainless steel materials, are the most ideal processing technology.

Mark lOGO & Words

At Mulan MFG, we have a lot of printing methods, printing text, logos, logos and other marks according to the provided design documents.

  • Silk screen: flat surface, relatively open graphic design, can mix multiple color templates.
  • Pad printing: The font has no raised, high efficiency, and can be matched with a variety of colors.
  • Laser engraving: Ideal for metal and special plastics, the fonts are beautiful, precise and not easy to fall off. Suitable for very complicated graphics, but with a single color.
  • Etching: Older craftsmanship, the font will be dented, the internal paint is easy to fall off, and the craftsmanship is complicated.

powder coating

Relying on static electricity to absorb the powder coating on the surface of the product, after being heated and dried by an automatic assembly line, it has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high adhesion, acid resistance, and alkali resistance. The powder spraying assembly line inside Mulan MFG can finish spraying powder coatings of various colors and properties, which is very environmentally friendly.